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From the President's Desk

Dear Rotarians,

It is my privilege and honour to be the 74th President of Rotary Mysore. Rotary Mysore has a great history and a rich legacy. It has had stalwarts as its leaders. It is the mother of many clubs in the district and has given many wonderful DGs to Rotary. It has set benchmarks in the field of education and health. Rotary Mysore has a great many hands willing to give and hearts willing to serve.

RI president Rtn. Ian HS Riseley has the apt theme “Rotary: Making a Difference.” Rotary has made a difference to our lives, and we aim to make a difference to the lives of the society and community around us. My journey in Rotary Mysore started in 2009 when I was proposed by PP Rtn. Chittaranjan.

I have received a lot from Rotary – the joy of giving and sharing, the humility of serving, the camaraderie of peers, the fun of being with young souls. I do hope that in this year, I shall receive more of it, and give too, in equal measure.

RI President has set out some key focus areas: Environment Protection and Gender Balance. Under the guidance of the DG we will set about implementing them. We will plant trees throughout the year right upto the World Earth Day. We need more women and youngsters in Rotary. Women because they bring complementary skills Younger people, because they will inherit the world and in the true sense are real stakeholders of Rotary.

I would like to announce a benchmark project “Ashes and Peace” at Paschima Vahini. My team and I hope to have more programs of fun and fellowship, making service enjoyable. We shall endeavour to add new and enthusiastic members. We shall continue to give to the Rotary Foundation as we realise that we shall also derive benefit from the same.

I must thank my family in advance for standing by me, suffering my prolonged absence from home, seeing me off with a wave, and welcoming me back with a smile.

I thank my team for accepting to be with me as directors of various avenues of service and coming up with new ideas.

I accept this president-ship with pride and will put in my best efforts to make you proud as well. I thank Rtn. Rajaram and team for making big strides in the last year.

I consider myself blessed to be able to carry the baton further for one more year – one more year of SERVICE ABOVE SELF, one more year of opportunity to make the society a slightly better place to live in, one more year of contribution to help create a legacy for our future.

But all of this will happen only if each one of you, help, participate, engage and share with my team. Correct us, guide us, advise us, help us – most importantly - be with us. Let us continue to keep the torch of Rotary burning bright.

Rtn. K.R.Shantha Murthy